Neon Neon was established in 1993 by Nick Malyon and is a small, independent neon studio specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of neon and cold cathode lighting. Working both commercially and in collaboration with artists, curators, galleries and museums in the manufacture and installation of neon art and sculpture across the U.K. and Europe.

Neon Manufacture

Neon Neon produces custom and bespoke neon signs and lighting for a multitude of applications including television, film and theatre as well as exhibitions, shows and events. With over 26 years experience as a glass bender, I have produced an enormous range of neon pieces for a wide variety of clients ranging from artists, designers and curators to private and corporate collectors. Each neon piece made has been carefully produced to exacting standards with extreme care and attention to detail using a wide variety of tube types, colours and diameters and has made neon in both two and three dimensions. I am more than happy to discuss any ideas that you may have and can offer you help and advice from the planning stages of your design right through to the finished item. I am also happy to deal with all aspects of the installation process including help and advice on health and safety issues and conformity to EN50107 regulations.

Neon Art Installation Service

Neon Neon has over the years dealt with many neon art installations in museums, art galleries, art fairs and private collections. We can offer a small, select crew of technicians, each with considerable experience in the installation of neon artwork in a wide range of working environments. All our technicians are knowledgable and friendly and offer the highest possible standards of service. Each technician has more than twenty years personal expereince working as both glass bender and installer and has ,over their working lifetime, had the benefit of handling tens of thousands of pieces of neon. With our combined experience you can rest assured that your neon art is in the best possible hands.

We can also advice you on any associated health and safety issues as well as compliance with EN50107 regulatations for high voltage installations.

Neon Repair Service

When neon sections get broken or damaged, as they sometimes do, it is usually possible to repair or remake these sections. Working with a large selection of stock and access to glass from around the world, Neon Neon can supply you with an exact copy of your broken piece, in the exact colour and diameter of glass. When time is of the essence we can offer you a rapid repair service, subject to glass stock and availablity, enabling your show or exhibition to carry on unhindered.
Neon Art Handling and Transport

We manufacture bespoke wooden packing cases and crates for the safe transport of your neon designed to suit your individual needs and requirements. All our crates are filled with high density foam to ensure the highest possible protection. We can also offer delivery and collection services and storage facilities.

Neon Accessories

We can supply you with a wide range of neon accesories including transformers and electronic power supplies, electronic and DMX control systems, H.T.cable, electrode caps and tube supports. Please contact us for more information.

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