Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Major Contemporary Art Exhibition - Hope

If you're holidaying in France this summer then a trip to Dinard, in Brittany, has got to be on your itinery. Not only will you be able to enjoy their spectaclar rocky coastline, with it's beautiful bays and sandy beaches, you can also marvel at the major contempory art exhibition commisioned and run by the town of Dinard.

The exhibition Hope, is being held at Dinard's Palais des Arts et du Festival, from June 12th. - September 12th. 2010 and comprises 50 works from 50 artists from all over the world chosen by curator Ashok Adiceam.

This is an exceptional show with some fantastic works of art most importantly of all, the three neon pieces, Mona Hatoum's Hot Spot 2006, Jean-Michel Alberola's Esperance and Claude Leveque's Revez! 2008. Neon Neon were originally comissioned to produce and install the neon for Mona Hatoum's Hot Spot back in 2006 when it was shown at the White Cube's then new gallery at Mason's Yard, London SW1. Made from 8mm clear glass and filled with neon gas, "Hot Spot" comprises 48 individual neon sections all bent 3 dimensionally to fit the contousr of the stainless steel globe. All 48 sections run off 10 transformers producing 95,000 volts in total. On loan from the David Robert's Foundation.

Other notable pieces include Do Ho Suh's Cause and Effect, 2007, a fantastic whirlwind of small brightly coloured plastic figures, Damien Hirst's This be the verse Mount Zion, 2006, a beautiful Gibert and George'esque butterfly montague and Alberto Giacometti's graceful and elegant L'homme qui marche, 1981.

Have a look at the catalouge here, well worth a trip to Dinard.

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