Wednesday, 1 September 2010

It's not all Neon Signs...

Much as I love the "Neon Sign" in all its various forms, I've  always been interested in Mankind's need to make his mark on his surroundings. From the fabulous cave painting at Lascaux in France to our modern day graffiti, it would seem that we have an inbuilt need to mark our territory. Here's a few examples that I've spotted along the way.

This was one of many hundreds of carvings, dating back several hundred, years on a rocky outcrop at "Little Switzerland" in Luxembourg.

This was spotted carved into a prickly pear on the island of Paxos, Greece.

Again in Paxos, this old olive tree and rock have been used to mark the boundries of an olive grove.

I photgraphed the above while working at the Venice Bienalle in 2009. Remarkably there is a surprisingly large ammount of graffiti throughout Venice, "Queen of the Adriatic".

Also spotted in Venice this beautiful stove enameled sign reading "Dangerous to Touch".

And finally...Not elegant but to the point.

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