Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Like An Enormous Yes

D J Roberts "Like An Enormous Yes"2014, neon, cable and transformer.

Occupy My Time Gallery at Enclave 9 Resolution Way Deptford SE8 4AL presents D J Roberts new show, Runnin' Down A Dream running until 15th February 2014

Transposed from D J's original drawings the neon was made from 10mm clear glass with 25m/A elecrodes and filled with neon gas and running on a 7000/25 transformer

Phillip Larkin - For Sidney Bechet

That note you hold, narrowing and rising, shakes
Like New Orleans reflected on the water
And in all ears appropriate falsehood wakes

Building for some a legendary Quarter
Of balconies, flower-baskets and quadrilles
Everyone making love and going shares

Oh, play that thing! Mute glorious Storyvilles
Others may licence, grouping around their chairs
Sporting-house girls like circus tigers (priced

Far above rubies) to pretend their fads
While scholars manques nod around unnoticed
Wrapped up in personnels like old plaids

On me your love falls as they say it should
Like an enourmous yes. My Crescent City
Is where your speech alone is understood

And greeted as the natural noise of good
Scattering long-haired greif and scored pity


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